In Seville for the summer the heat tightens and the general movement aims to leave the city in search of the beach airs but the city keeps many surprises for those who stay or decide to spend a few days of sightseeing in the city.

One of the advantages of visiting Seville in summer is that its streets and squares are quieter, less crowded with tourists and locals. That’s a luxury, in a city that in spring is filled by the influx of tourists and the celebration of local traditionnal festivals. Summer opens the way to another time and it is very pleasant to enjoy the same beauty in a quieter and calmer setting. The other advantage is that in summer there are many cultural activities and festivals that enliven the nights and invite you to go out and enjoy the night coolers on the banks of the river or in outdoor spaces in the city itself or close to it.

One of these festivals is the one we present in this article. Between June 24 and July 20, the International Italic Dance Festival takes place in the ancient Roman city of Italica with the performance of 6 national companies, 4 foreign companies that will develop 28 shows, among which there will be 4 absolute premieres and 3 own productions. The shows start at 10:30 pm and ticket prices range from € 12 to € 15.

Here we leave the link to the official website of the festival where you can see the different ways to get tickets

We say goodbye for now and we will continue to inform you about these days of summer plans in Seville and Andalusia.

Good summer start;)