Hi! We haven’t spent time in our blog for a while. We are currently in high season and we are having many routes and we have not had time to get to the keys but today finally we do dedicate a space to continue telling you about our exits and discoveries.

In this month of October our star departure is being the city of Ronda to which we have repeatedly visited with different groups and all have appreciated the beauty of the city and the region of the white villages.

Our great discovery in Ronda this year has been to go down to the bottom of its famous Tagus to see the famous New Bridge from below, totally changing the perspective of the typical visit that is usually made of the city. The most typical image when we visit Ronda is to look out over the balconies of the Alameda del Tajo and the New Bridge to surprise us with the canyon or the pit, which has given this city such fame worldwide. This vision must be taken but looking to add to our visit our perspectives and escape the agglomerations of tourists that crowd in this city and for this we decided to go down to the bottom of the canyon created by the Guadalevín river after thousands of years through the erosion process .

The descent to the Tagus can be done by car to the Los Molinos Hostel, an old mill restored with pleasure to turn it into a hostel. We can park the car in the parking lot of the establishment and sit on its terrace to taste one of the rich wines of the Serrania de Ronda. At the foot of the same river Guadalevín, responsible for this wonder of nature, and looking up the balconies we have been hours before when we arrived in Ronda, we become aware of the wildness of Ronda and its geographical situation that is not appreciated both from above, among so many cameras, large groups of visitors, taxis and buses.

Down here you feel the running of the waters of the river, submerged in the green vegetation of the valley floor, silence is heard, instead of the hustle and bustle of tourist trade, a different sensation being in the same place. It is an unforgettable experience, which you should not miss in this beautiful tourist city. If the Ronda pit is beautiful, more beautiful and wild is seen from below. This area of the city is called the Hoya del Tajo and from there you can start a path that takes us along the banks of the river to the depths of the canyon going under the New Bridge and into the Tagus.

Round besides beautiful, it is natural and very wild!