On our last tour we were in Ronda and as usual before returning to Seville we stopped to know Zahara de la Sierra, another of the beautiful white villages of Cádiz. As a novelty on this occasion we went up to its medieval castle from which we had spectacular views of the valley and the Zahara-El Gastor reservoir. This reservoir was inaugurated in 1995 and sports fishing is practiced there. The lake maintains direct contact with the river that supplies it, the Guadalete, one of the historic rivers of Andalusia.

The ascent to the castle is steep but it is worth getting to the top and contemplate the landscape that is offered to us from this point of view. Below, the white of the houses of Zahara. From that perspective we can appreciate its structure and the organizational chart of its streets. It seems that they are forming a white arrow that spills into the deep blue of the reservoir waters. Halfway up, the green of the mountains of this region, a lively and fresh green, even more in this season in which the rains are constantly watering the lands. Up on the last line of the horizon, the top of the mountains, a line that borders that Andalusian blue sky on clear days in which two other white villages of this bucolic region, on the left Algodonales with the Sierra de Lijar al in the background, on the right, the great Olvera, perched on the rock, in the distance closing our visual path.

On the way up to the Castle we find an interpretation center where we can learn about the origin of the medieval settlement of the town through models and exhibition panels in quite detail.

At the end of the climb we arrive at the tower of the homage of the old walled enclosure and its width and dimension are surprising, bigger than we could imagine when we looked at it from the town. In the ascent to the terrace of the tower by a spiral staircase in stone we are presented with different windows through which we are photographing the landscape from different points of view in a fun game. Upon reaching the top, travelers who have peeked up here enjoy a well-deserved rest after the climbing done and enjoy sitting on the millenary stones of the crenellated defense line of the paradisiacal views of one of the most beautiful balconies of the Sierra de Cádiz .