The golden tower

It was the defense tower of the old harbor of the city that in the modern age, was the most important in Europe


The Torre del Oro is the most popular tower in the old wall of Seville. It was the defense tower of the old port of the city, a port, which in the modern age was the most important in Europe, and which concentrated the entrance of all commercial exchanges of Spain with America. Has three perfectly distinguishable bodies and each of them was built in a different period. The first was built between 1220 and 1221 by order of the governor of Seville Almohad Abù I-Ulà, the second was the work of Pedro I the Cruel in the fourteenth century. Finally, in 1760 the military engineer Sebastian Van der Borcht finished the tower with another body topped with a dome.

Origin of its name

Many legends have been lavished on its name, but history teaches us that it owes its name to the fact that among the materials used for its construction straw was mixed with different mortars. These fragments of straw, when illuminated by the sun, covered the tower with golden flashes. This is how the ships that entered the port of Seville can see the tower.

Headquarters of the Naval Museum

Since 1944, it houses the Naval Museum where you can see a sample of ancient navigation instruments and models, as well as historical documents, engravings and nautical charts related to Seville, the Guadalquivir River and the sea.

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